About Lauren Rider

Winner of 4th District Primary Election

Garnered 44% of the vote in a 5 person race

For the past 12 years, Lauren Rider has worked on community issues in North Knoxville. She became involved when her Old North Knoxville neighborhood was working with city engineering on a traffic calming plan. She later gained experience in zoning and planning by working with neighbors throughout the city to oppose a zoning proposal that threatened low-to-moderate income housing.

Lauren then progressed to solving problems of blighted, condemned properties that were driving neighbors away from the area. As properties were at risk for demolition, Lauren advocated for redevelopment of vacant houses by organizing groups of neighbors to purchase and restore them. These projects contributed to the recent revitalization in North Knoxville, adding new families and putting properties back on the tax rolls.

Neighbors and leaders across the city have urged Lauren to run for City Council for the last ten years. Representing the surrounding community on many zoning and development issues, she is an experienced advocate for businesses and neighborhoods. A collaborator and successful leader, Lauren served seven years on Knoxville's Neighborhood Advisory Council, four years as President of her neighborhood, and most recently, she initiated and now co-chairs the Broadway Corridor Task Force.

Lauren will advocate for a stable, safe, quality city with a variety of job and living opportunities. She wants to continue to offer strong city services in the face of budget pressures. These goals all tie together to ensure the progression of strong, continuing growth from the stable city center into other parts of the city.

As a council member, zoning updates are a focus for Lauren. Her experiences make her qualified to address barriers that stall mixed use development along commercial corridors. This will help us redevelop underperforming properties, increase the tax base, and fund city services that create stability.

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Lauren Rider is an active leader who has worked with neighborhoods and businesses to make our community safer and stronger. She is experienced with City processes and advocating for the community as a two-term Neighborhood Advisory Council member, past-president of Old North Knoxville and current Broadway Corridor Task Force co-chair.

A Balance of Experience and Collaborative Leadership

Lauren Rider has both small business and leadership experience, having led several community-based renovation projects that contributed to the recent wave of revitalization in North Knoxville. When frustrated by vacant, problem properties Lauren reached out to neighbors and created solutions. Through teamwork, they avoided tax-payer funded demolition of abandoned properties and welcomed new neighbors to revitalized homes which were returned to the tax rolls. She has encouraged others to seek similar solutions through presentations at neighborhood conferences and workshops throughout the city.

Learn about the Issues that
Lauren will Focus on