Results & Issues

In my first term

I supported job growth and stronger neighborhoods by staying true to my campaign commitments:

Listening to the community and working on collaboration, compromise, and solutions; Tackling Barriers to redevelopment - zoning code improvements including a revision of our 50 year old zoning code; Building upon existing city services: sidewalk survey to identify needed missing segments, Co-response team for behavioral health calls to 911 (non-police need and response), redevelopment of former St. Mary's hospital to merge city service departments, identify traffic improvement needs with Engineering to address safety concerns in neighborhoods.

Central Streetscape Completion

In my second term

I will continue working hard to tackle existing challenges:
  • Housing shortages - Continued focus on funding and opportunities to increase housing; additional Permanent Supportive Housing as a solution to homelessness; continued support for and additional beds for low-barrier shelter options like the The Foyer, a shelter option added during my time on council.
  • Post-pandemic Recovery - Supporting businesses and community partners as we move forward in an era with the Vaccine. Recovery funding can be used to support infrastructure improvements that foster developments for job growth, job training, and housing additions. Working with the city and Chamber to foster continued job growth and support of underserved communities and sectors.

 KPD Annual Luncheon


Knoxville Center/East Mall 

Re-zoning and work with real estate representatives put this 78 acre vacant site on the path to redevelopment bringing an estimated 700 jobs with benefits! Buffered by an existing Apartment development and KAT public transit, this site will once again offer jobs to the community. Amazon purchased this property March 2021! Read the Chamber's press release!

Holston Hills/East Knoxville

Working with the neighborhood on improvements to ease traffic and speeding concerns has been a focus. This impacts safety for drivers and walkers as well as quality of life. Re-paving for many area roads are also on deck after the spring dogwoods have bloomed! Following up on several serious auto accidents, Councilwoman Rider worked with city Engineering who studied traffic concerns and installed a 4-way stop at Chilhowee and Sunset. And a CONGRATS to Holston Hills, the 2021 Featured Trail for Dogwood Arts.

Strawberry Plains exit will add more jobs! Fraley & Schilling, an Indiana-based trucking and logistics company that added Knoxville operations in 2010, is expanding. They broke ground on an 11,600 square foot office building, a $2.4 million investment.  


basketball Court  basketball Court Mural

Fountain City

Keep an eye out for spring/summer paving! Tazewell Pike has also benefited from a new Radar-powered Speed alerting sign! After complaints of accidents on Tazewell Pike, Councilwoman Rider worked with Engineering Neighbors report slowed traffic!

The Old Broadway sidewalk connection creates a safe pedestrian passage for Fountain City and North Knoxville residents. I am grateful to Engineering, former Councilman Mark Campen and 5th district Councilman Charles Thomas for creating a connection around the I-640/Broadway interchange. This is a HUGE win for Knoxville, allowing eventual connection via the Mineral Springs Bridge project.

YOKE Charity Golf Tournament - 4th District Team!

North Knoxville

Welcome to many new businesses! Vacant and unused buildings have been put back to use, bringing jobs and housing. Axle Logistics is now headquartered on Central at the former Hull Dobbs building.

Ebco, Inc., an OEM supplier of elastomeric products, located to North Knoxville in 2006. In 2018 they moved to the former Toys R' Us store (East Mall) to expand operations. This move made way for a new 4th District Business, Barrelhouse by Gypsy Circus. Great move by Ebco to put a vacant building back into operation and a welcome addition of ciders by Barrelhouse! 

SEEED Class of 2019 


Citywide Support and Programs

  • Supported Metro Drug Coalition's Recovery Housing through Community Improvement funds.
  • Supported renewal of Fort Kid playground and acceptance of private donation to fund improvements and needed safety mitigation (retaining wall).
  • Continual support of public safety:
    • Creation of a pilot Co-response Team (Behavioral Health Social Worker + KPD officer) to respond to Behavioral Health Crisis calls
    • Provide KPD Officers with Comprehensive In-Car and Body Camera Video Capture
    • School Violence Prevention Program Grant to enhance safety of Knox County students through ongoing training, school site safety improvements and technological upgrades 
  • Study and Public meetings to improve intersection of Hall of Fame and Broadway: Broadway-Hall of Fame Public Meeting
  • More than 1,000 new units of affordable housing and funding for six new street outreach workers to connect unsheltered homeless individuals with homeless services, shelter and housing.

Stuff the Bus for Fultonladies of Knoxville

  • COVID-19 $5.7M funding for economic and social services
  • Funding for Urban Wilderness Gateway Park
  • $100,000 for Knoxville Area Urban League Workforce pilot
  • Urban Tree Canopy assessment
  • COVID-19 emergency ordinance to support restaurant beer delivery
  • Knoxville added to Tennessee RiverTown program
  • KPD Co-Response pilot with Helen Ross McNabb
  • COVID-19 ordinance for outdoor patio-alcohol sales
  • COVID-19 emergency funding for Zoo Knoxville
  • Funding for HVAC for Morningside Park Community Center
  • Supported and met with community members on the revised Lakeshore Park Master Plan
  • Maintained the City’s AA+ and AAA credit ratings

Member (2014-) and Chair (2017-2020) of the Public Property Naming Committee Honoring noteworthy Knoxvillians for their contributions to the community.

First Creek Greenway Annual Creek Clean-up